Roof Cleaning

We Provide An Affordable Roof Cleaning Service For Customers

As an established professional roof cleaning contractor, Vantage Roofing will provide you with an effective roof cleaning service to ensure your roof is clean and allowing water to run off it correctly. Do not let moss and weeds attach to your roof, leading to unsightly stains and worse.

We start our roof cleaning service from as little as €250 where we can wash down your roof either with a power wash or soft wash (depends on the tiles) and leave your roof looking like new!

The benefits of choosing us for roof cleaning at your home:

  • Eliminate the risk of damage to your property which results in costly repairs.
  • Maintain the integrity of your roofing system.
  • Avoid nasty pest infestations around your place.
  • Significant reduce mould growth and rotting wood.
  • Effective protection of the roof against leakages.
  • Unbeatable prices

This roof cleaning service comes with many advantages!

  • This is a professional roof cleaning services with a twelve-month guarantee.
  • Time-saving and reliable.
  • We have our own machinery including a cherry picker so no need for scaffolding.
  • Our roofing cleaning service is guaranteed so if you notice that your roof is still not 100% clean after the service, call Vantage Roofing as soon as possible for a free re-clean.

We provide other services for customers including gutter cleaning and more.

Roof Cleaning


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Our team works hard and professionally to ensure 100% customer satisfaction on all our roof washing and cleaning projects. We can supply our own water and can dispose of all the rubbish which means we can just get on and get it done without any stress to you.

Small problems can often lead to bigger ones if not caught in time, so by getting your roof cleaned regularly you can keep ahead of any problems and nip them in the bud before they progress to something more serious.

Vantage Roofing offer a comprehensive roof cleaning service, our team of professionals have cleaned all types of roofs including slate, imitation tiles and ceramic tiles. We service a wide area including providing roof cleaning in Dublin, roof cleaning services in Kildare and roof cleaning in Wicklow. If you live outside these areas, please call to discuss it directly with us. We would love to help.

Roof Cleaning
Roof Cleaning
Roof Cleaning
Roof Cleaning
Roof Cleaning
Roof Cleaning

We always visually inspect the work and provide pictures of it for you. This helps in highlighting any problems we might have noticed on your roof.


All the roofing work will be detailed out in a written quote for you including the stages of the work. We do not have any hidden charges or costs.


We undertake the work that was laid out in the quote and once completed, we will provide you with your guarantee for peace of mind.

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